As nurses and patient care support staff at Good Samaritan, we all share the responsibility of creating and promoting a collaborative, supportive and safe work environment that places the patient, family and community in the center of all we do. We support the practice of nursing and the contributions of all disciplines. By delivering competent and compassionate service at every opportunity, and by cultivating relationships that grow throughout our lives, our actions promote nursing as an inspired "profession of a lifetime."

Our Guiding Principles

We practice in an environment that is guided by:

  • A focus on service and clinical excellence
  • A sustained advocacy for safety systems and practices
  • Holistic standards of care and practice
  • An emphasis on coaching, mentoring and professional growth
  • A focus on improving care through the use of research and documented outcomes
  • A healing environment that supports the patient, family and staff
  • A spirit of partnership and team within a respectful workplace
  • Support of a shared governance model which recognizes and values the contributions of all staff and disciplines
  • Accountability for results
  • Support of the valued balance of work and family life
  • Respect and recognition of the value of work contributions
  • Shared moments of excellence

Our Commitment

  • We promise a patient-centered and family-centered care philosophy
  • We are committed to a staff-centered work environment
  • We are committed to transdisciplinary partnerships that achieve positive outcomes
  • We promise community relationships
  • We are committed to clinical and operational excellence
  • We are committed to organizational and nursing pride

Our Plan for Results

  • Engage all staff in the work of service and patient care
  • Sustain a professional practice model through shared governance
  • Position nurses and other healthcare professionals to have a strong, positive voice throughout our organization and community
  • Focus on issues related to the support and retention of excellent staff
  • Build systems to recruit qualified staff
  • Take actions to become a destination healthcare facility
  • Look for every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve