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Midlife Care

Women don’t have to suffer with hormonal imbalance or menopause. Several strategies – from lifestyle changes to medications – can help with midlife changes

Our CHI Health Clinic Mid-Life Care specialists help patients feel like themselves again. Together, we can get to the root of symptoms and restore balance to the body. Their personalized approach to menopause includes:

  • Comprehensive personal health assessment
  • Explanation of all treatment options
  • Creating a menopause management plan that goes beyond medications:
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Lifestyle
    • Hormone replacement (if needed)
    • Supplements

We provide the following midlife care services:

Our Mid-Life Care Specialists

Chelsey Kennedy, WHNP, IBCLC

Certified Lactation Consultant,
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Andrea N. Rabe, APRN, WHNP

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Better You Podcast Series on Menopause

CHI Health Women's Health has launched a podcast series for women to learn more about menopause. Listen to learn more about what is common for women going through this phase of life, including nutrition, symptoms, hormone replacement therapy, mental health and how we can help you when needed! 

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