Tara's Weight Loss Journey

"It really smacks you in the face when you look at the scale and you hear the doctor say you are morbidly obese."

After the diagnosis, Tara Gustin decided to do something about it. The CHI Health Weight Management Center at Immanuel counseled her on weight loss options and expectations. She decided on bariatric surgery (laparoscopic gastric bypass).

Watch Tara as she embarks on her weight loss journey in our six part video series. Follow her into the operating room and hear in her own words her fears and expectations. You will also see first-hand how bariatric surgery changed her life. 

Episode 1: "How did I get here?"

Tara Gustin is pretty much a success at everything she does, but she could never quite get a handle on her weight. When her gradual weight gain reached 100 pounds, she couldn't run from it anymore. 

Episode 2: Bariatric Surgery Day

The day was finally here. Tara was just hours away from finding her old self; the girl who wasn't consumed with weight…the girl who wasn't consumed with food.

Episode 3: The Day After Bariatric Surgery

The first day of Tara Gustin's new life was spent in a lot of pain. She was uncomfortable. But for the first time in her life, Tara wasn't thinking about food.

Episode 4: Ten Days After Bariatric Surgery

Meet the new and improved Tara Gustin. Ten days after laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, she's not only on the mend, she's hard to keep up with. 

Episode 5: Six Weeks After Bariatric Surgery

Tara is getting used to having a lot more energy but she admits to tiring easily. She's learned that's because she is not taking in the calories she did before but that will only last about 6 months.

Episode 6: Six Months After Bariatric Surgery

For Tara, the last 6 months have been a blessing for she and her family. Her blood sugar is great. Her blood pressure is great. Her cholesterol is great. But even more importantly life is GREAT. 

Episode 7: One Year After Bariatric Surgery

My name is Tara Gustin. I’m 43 years old. Just over a year ago, I had gastric bypass surgery and I’m down 89 pounds. Anybody that I can talk to, that I can help get past the fear of this process, I’m all for it.