Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic

Who do we serve?

We serve clients who have a medical condition(s) which limits participation in Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADL). This refers to the individual’s ability to fully participate in daily roles and routines such as:

  • Self-Cares (dressing, bathing, toileting, bowel and bladder management, hygiene and grooming)
  • Home Management (meal preparation, laundry, cleaning)
  • Dependent Cares
  • Community Access (employment, social activities, recreation)

What services do we provide?

  • Comprehensive mobility and wheelchair seating and positioning assessment and recommendations
  • Pressure mapping assessment and recommendations to promote skin integrity and comfort
  • Advanced wheelchair skills training for clients who use manual or power mobility devices
  • Assessment and recommendations for additional assistive technology and durable medical equipment (hospital beds, bathroom equipment, etc.)

Who will be working with you?

Our staff includes an occupational therapist who works closely with rehabilitative technology suppliers and vendors to evaluate and recommend mobility equipment to meet the needs of the individual. Referrals to Physiatrists - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Speech Language-Pathology, and Recreation Therapy are also made when needed.

What should you expect during your time with us?

Our clinicians will meet with you over the course of 1-4 visits and you will receive the following:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Equipment and training recommendations
  • Follow-up visits for equipment set-up and a final fitting
  • Information on the time-frame for equipment to be delivered
  • Address any other equipment and training needs

Will you work with my insurance?

Yes! Insurance information will be verified on an individual basis before pursuing any purchasing options. Payer sources often limit reimbursement for mobility equipment based on medical necessity within the home environment.

For clients who have a medical need but do not qualify for a specific mobility device, based on individual insurance guidelines, we will provide consultation and additional community resources for inquiry regarding alternative funding opportunities.