Sports and Leisure Program

The CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute's Sports and Leisure Program gives people with physical disabilities the chance re-learn a recreational skill or try something completely new!

Sports and Leisure Program

The CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute's Sports and Leisure Program gives people with physical disabilities the chance re-learn a recreational skill or try something completely new!

The program provides individuals with disabilities and their friends and families an opportunity to reach new levels of independence, build friendships and build skills, improve self-confidence and develop a sense of being involved.

Programs are offered two to four times a month at various locations. Examples of programs include: fishing, zoo trips, playhouse, baseball games, movies, martial arts, archery,  and more.

Read more about individual Sports and Leisure Program activities below.

Back 2 Swing Golf Program

The Back 2 Swing Golf Program is part of the Sports & Leisure Program offered through the Recreation Therapy Department at CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute. Since 1996, we’ve served many individuals with varying degrees of ability. An assistant Golf professional conducts clinics monthly at both Shoreline Golf Course in Carter Lake and Elkhorn Ridge Golf Course from April to October. The clinics provide the participants the opportunity to be re-introduced to the game of golf after a significant injury.

Many Back 2 Swing participants have sustained a spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation or brain injury. For some individuals, it is getting over the fear of trying the game of golf after having an injury or illness. Each clinic the participants are allowed the opportunity to focus on developing their swing to enhance the opportunity to eventually access the course.

A significant part of the program is the availability of the Single-Rider Golf Cart and other adaptive golf equipment including special clubs and playing aids. The golf cart allows an individual who has had a spinal cord injury, amputation or decreased balance the chance to play golf again by accessing the entire golf course, including the greens. Participants are encouraged to continue accessing the driving ranges after the monthly clinics.

For those who are ready to play on the course they are also encouraged to make tee times to enhance their play.

Bocce Ball

This is an Italian lawn game which is adapted to play indoors. This is an exciting game of accuracy and strategy. The athletes can participate individually or as a team. The court is measured out on a gym floor. Together or individually the athletes strategize to see how many of their thrown Bocce Balls will score them points by tossing the balls closest to the target ball. An athlete of all abilities can participate and are allowed to have an aid assist if necessary. There are ramps available if a person is unable to toss the ball with his/her hands. Season runs June-July on Wednesday at the Great Plains PVA Gym located at 7612 Maple Street. Contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276.


The bowling program is held at Mockingbird Lanes. The clinics are held once a month October – March. Adaptive bowling equipment is available to increase the level of independence for bowling. Participants of all ages and gender are welcome to participate.


Enjoy a day at the lake with opportunities to try adaptive poles, pole holders, and to learn about accessible fishing piers. Contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276.


A three-wheeled cycle propelled by the arms rather than the legs, used as an alternative to a conventional bicycle. The cycles come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on the athletes’ needs, including high and low-level injuries. Contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276 for upcoming special events.

Quad Rugby

Midwest Rugby Rebels team was formed in 2006. Our team is based in Omaha, and the players come from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Practices are held at the Great Plains PVA in Omaha located at 7612 Maple Street. Quad Rugby is played with reinforced wheelchairs that can withstand the competitive play of the sport. All athletes must have impairments in at least three of their four limbs. Players are given a classification of .5 to 3.5 depending on their level of impairment, which also decides if they play offense or defense. Contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276.

Sled Hockey

Sled hockey (sledge hockey in Canada and Europe) is a sit-down version of ice hockey for players whose disability prevents them from playing stand-up hockey. The athletes sit in a sled that has a blade underneath them and they use 2 small hockey sticks to propel themselves across the ice. Contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276.


Tennis opportunities are available in Omaha. If you are interested in the programs please contact Jena Munson at or (402) 572-2276 for specific details.


CHI Health Sports & Leisure Program in cooperation with Championship Lake Estates Waterski Club sponsors a adaptive waterski event every summer. Think you can't do it? Think again! Adaptive skis with back support plus trained side skiers make this experience a do not miss!

Wheelchair Softball

The Nebraska Barons adult wheelchair softball team was started in 1995 and they make their home at Nebraska Barons Field at ALLPLAY Complex located at 6802 Harrison St. After 20+ years practicing and playing in parking lots, the Barons now practice and play on the nation’s finest wheelchair softball field in the world. The specifically designed field allows the players to maximize their abilities and play wheelchair softball to their ultimate potential.

The team has been the nation’s premier and top ranked wheelchair softball team winning multiple championships over the years. Wheelchair softball is a competitive, exciting, and challenging summer sport that enables most wheelchair users to compete. To learn more about the NWSA, browse the website at:

Who may participate? Generally, anyone with a permanent disability to a lower extremity can play wheelchair softball. Every player needs to be “classified” to determine eligibility and level of disability. Men, women, and children are invited to play on our team. Please contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276.


This opportunity provides the chance for participants to be introduced to multiple different types of carving techniques and tools. Join this group on Tuesday afternoons October - April from 2 – 4pm at CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute. Please contact Jena at or (402) 572-2276 prior to attending.