Mobility Clinics

Balance and Mobility Clinic

For individuals with medical conditions like neuromuscular, orthopedic, inner ear and developmental dysfunctions, as well as those recovering from stroke, head, spinal and sports injuries the ability to balance may be difficult.

Based on core technologies used by NASA to measure the equilibrium of Space Shuttle astronauts on returning from orbit, the Balance and Mobility Clinic at the CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute uses technology to guide patients through a comprehensive treatment program to increase their balance and help prevent falls.

By using computer images, therapists can perform an assessment, develop an individualized treatment plan designed to address each patient's specific problems, and follow the patient's progress.

Gait and Mobility Clinic

For individuals with a medical condition which affects the way they walk, gait analysis can provide their doctor or therapist with detailed information on the exact nature of the problem. The underlying causes of the condition can be identified, and appropriate treatment can be planned. Such treatment may involve physical therapy, surgery, brace or biomedical assistance device.

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