Back to Golf

Back to GolfSM is a program designed to improve your ability to play golf. Limitations in how your joints move or imbalances between your muscles can cause problems with your swing and even lead to injuries. Back to GolfSM is a nationally recognized program for identifying and eliminating these kinds of problems so you are physically able to enjoy the game and play better. 

Due to the repetitive nature and strain of the modern golf swing, back pain is the most common complaint among golfers. Whether it's pain as you play, or the next day, it limits many of us from reaching our full potential. Back to GolfSM is aimed at eliminating this problem by making sure the golfer has the mechanical ability to swing without injury and by teaching a "stabilized golf swing" which reduces the strain and injury on the low back while maintaining a good, accurate shot. 

The program has three main components, all of them focused on improving your golf game.

First, you will be examined during a one-on-one session by a licensed physical therapist and certified Back to GolfSM instructor to determine how well your joints, muscles and other tissues are working when you swing. They will determine which tissues are interfering with you reaching your maximum ability to play the way you want to play.

Next, you will receive specialized treatment to free up the restricted tissues and joints that you need for a full swing. This will give you the ability to move in a way that allows you to swing smoother and easier. 

You will be taught exercises and stretches you can do to keep the freedom of movement you have gotten and prevent future injuries. You will also take home a printed copy of the exercises with pictures to help you remember how to do the exercises properly.