Rehabilitation Technology

Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute utilizes innovative rehabilitation technology.

Technology and Patient Life

Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute's impressive 32,600 square foot unit includes 35 private rooms. It is designed and staffed to exceed the rehabilitation and recovery needs of all patients served by providing exceptional accommodations along with high quality care and achievement of best possible outcomes.

The acute inpatient rehabilitation unit also features common areas, meeting spaces and dining areas where patients and families can gather and socialize. We offer a comfortable environment for patients, family members, and visitors to relax and find mutual support.

Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute utilizes innovative rehabilitation technology; including, IPads, ArmeoSpring, and ZeroG. These new technologies are among many offered in the new unit.


Is an interactive upper extremity orthosis that facilities functional movements through weight support. The ArmeoSpring uses virtual reality activities such as watering flowers, grocery shopping and target shooting to increase strength and coordination and improve overall function.


iPads are available to each patient during their stay. Patients are educated on and encouraged to use iPads to manage their schedules, video their therapy sessions, and utilize other learning applications including hand-eye, and memory exercises. Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute is the only one in the region using iPads with patients on a daily basis. 


ZeroG technology is used to help treat patients who are recovering from a stroke, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, amputation, orthopedic injury, or other diagnoses which impacts walking and balance. This dynamic and interactive training system allows therapists to challenge patients early on in their recovery. Patients will experience balance, endurance, walking and postural activities in a safe, controlled manner. The system combines a motorized trolley on a ceiling-mounted track, and records performance measures that help therapists track and quantify each patient’s progress.

Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute Zero G

Pool Therapy

Warm water exercises decrease the amount of stress on your joints; which decreases pain and stiffness. The water offers resistance in every direction, and is effective in improving strength, endurance and joint mobility. Learn more about aquatic therapy.

Game Therapy

The common areas on the unit are gathering areas for patients, families, and visitors. People enjoy playing video games, board games and puzzles during their stay.

Music Therapy

Patients, families, visitors and staff all enjoy the fellowship and therapeutic benefits of music. Music therapy works to facilitate relaxation, decrease anxiety, reduce stress, improve mood, improve pain management, and provide comfort and support.


Guided by Occupational Therapists, patients cook and bake in our full in-unit kitchen. They prepare to go home by practicing functional tasks they may be required to perform such as preparing food, using a stove, and loading and unloading a dishwasher.

Patient Dining

As a component of each person’s rehab stay, patients enjoy their meals in a communal setting in the dining areas. At meal times, patients, families, visitors, and staff enjoy the conversations and interactions of one another.