Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for all of your rehabilitation questions.

Inpatient Rehab FAQs

Who is involved on my rehabilitation team?

Your loved ones are at the center of your rehabilitation team. The rehabilitation team is led by your care coordinator. Depending on your needs, in addition to your care coordinator, the following professionals may be involved in your rehabilitation program: a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, recreational therapist, a physician specializing in rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation nurses and a rehabilitation neuropsychologist and chaplains.

What is the benefit of immediate rehabilitation intervention?

At CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute, early rehabilitation intervention has been shown to result in better outcomes. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive evaluation as soon as possible so that your recovery can begin.

Why do we need an acute rehabilitation hospital?

The staff at CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute are trained and experienced in working with persons who have suffered brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, multiple trauma and strokes. Unlike general rehabilitation facilities, the CHI Health Rehabilitation Center offers specialized programming that will help you recover to the fullest extent. The accrediting body, CARF, accredits the CHI Health Rehabilitation Institute in comprehensive inpatient, brain injury, spinal cord injury and outpatient rehabilitation.

What is the average length of stay and the outcome?

The recovery process is different for each person. The primary factors determining outcome and length of stay are the patient's medical stability, personal motivation and the involvement of loved ones. Each person will be evaluated to determine medical stability as well as his or her need for and tolerance of formal therapy. The involvement of family and personal support systems is vitally important to enhancing recovery.

What services are available?

The CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute exists as part of CHI Health, a fully integrated health care delivery system. That means we offer services encompassing a complete continuum of care. You'll have access to acute inpatient care and a comprehensive array of services including: subacute care, outpatient programs, orthopaedic services, senior health services, home health, adaptive technology, driver's assessment and education, sports and leisure programs, support groups and aquatics programs that promote health and wellness.

What about follow-up care?

Following your inpatient rehabilitation stay, you may require services that need to be addressed at a different level of care. We will help you with the transition to the next step in your recovery. Follow-up treatment may range from long-term care and transitional living to outpatient care. You will continue to be followed by a rehabilitation physician at intervals that are appropriate to meet your ongoing healthcare needs.

How can we learn more about the rehabilitation process?

At CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute, we capitalize on “teachable moments” as well as formal educational programming. Since rehabilitation occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, extensive educational resource materials are available and will be given to you when you arrive. These resources are yours to keep so that you and your loved ones are well informed about your condition and how to maximize your recovery. And of course, members of your team are always available to answer any and all questions.

We want the best, but can we afford it?

The CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute accepts Medicare, Medicaid and a host of other insurance providers. Your care coordinator will assist you in understanding your insurance benefits. We are also available to help you apply for alternate funding if necessary.