Workers' Compensation

Navigating you through your workers' compensation claim and treatment to get you back to work.

Workers' Compensation


At CHI Health Orthopedics we believe that workplace injuries and illnesses require quality care as a team with a process that coordinates the care with employees, employers, nurse case managers, and insurance carriers.

Timely appointments with the appropriate medical provider are essential and assist in getting an injured employee back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We recognize that there is a balance between providing conservative treatment while quickly returning employees back to work. The majority of work injuries and illnesses are orthopedic in nature and we are dedicated to providing excellent medical care and treatment of these orthopedic injuries.

Communication between employee, employer, nurse case manager, and insurance carriers is imperative and needs to be done in a timely fashion. Employers need to know return to work restrictions in order to ensure the employee’s safety and manage OSHA recordable and lost time incident rates. It is our best practice to work together as a team in the process with the most appropriate medical care and communication.

Workplace injuries and illnesses are reality and at CHI Health Orthopedics we are dedicated to our role in the Workers’ Compensation process.

Financial Services

CHI Health Orthopedics requires that Workers’ Compensation claims be authorized by your employer and/or your employers’ Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier prior to your appointment. If not authorized, we will require a payment at the appointment time or you may reschedule after your claim is authorized.

If you did not notify us of a work injury when your appointment was scheduled, please call LaVonne Wulf, RN, Workers' Compensation Care Coordinator at (402) 504-6306, and she will attempt to authorize the appointment prior to your scheduled visit.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

If you are an employee who has been injured at your job, the first step is to notify your employer. Ask for the name and telephone number of your Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. Please call LaVonne Wulf, RN, Workers' Compensation Care Coordinator, at (402) 504-6306 with the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier information and she will verify that an appointment will be authorized by the carrier.

The following example outlines common practices for non-emergency workplace injuries and illnesses.

  • The injured worker notifies their direct report (a supervisor) that a workplace injury has occurred.
  • The direct report (a supervisor) informs the Human Resources/Safety/ Occupational Nursing Department at the facility.
  • The Human Resource/Safety/or Occupational Nursing Department representative will file a First Report of Injury and submit it to their Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier and the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court.
  • The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier for the employer authorizes the medical provider/facility to see the injured worker.

Specific state laws mandate how Workers’ Compensation claims are handled.  Filing Workers’ Compensation claims incorrectly can lead to years of paperwork, unpaid medical bills, and legal proceedings. In most cases it is not appropriate to bill Workers’ Compensation claims directly to an employer. According to the mandates of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, an employer may be billed directly if they are exempt or self-insured. Commercial insurance companies (your personal health insurance) will not pay for employment related injuries/illnesses and knowingly submitting a claim incorrectly is fraudulent.

CHI Health Orthopedics does not submit fraudulent claims; therefore, if you choose not to report a work injury/illness, requesting us to bill your private insurance is not an option. You do have the option to pay for the office visit; if you choose to waive Workers’ Compensation coverage and private insurance is not liable.

Workers’ Compensation Care Coordinator

For more information contact LaVonne Wulf, RN, Workers' Compensation Care Coordinator at (402) 504-6306 or email us.