Surgery Readiness Program

Planning a Successful Surgery

Preparing for orthopedic surgery starts long before you enter the operating room. To ensure the best possible outcome from surgery, you’ll need to be in optimal physical health. That could mean making difficult life changes like losing weight or quitting tobacco. And while these may seem daunting, we’re here to make your goals simple and achievable.

CHI Health offers a unique program of coordination and support. It starts with a comprehensive, sit-down discussion charting all of the lifestyle changes your surgery requires. At that time, you’ll be teamed up with your very own Care Coordinator. With your input, your Coordinator will select a target completion date and plan a course to help you achieve your pre-surgery requirements. Together, you’ll set monthly milestones and checkpoints. And your Coordinator will arrange any additional services you may need.

Support For Every Need

CHI Health offers a variety of programs to help you reach your pre-surgery goals. Your Care Coordinator will contact each of these services for you, setting appointments and managing information as needed. 

CHI Health Weight Management
With both surgical and non-surgical options, our Weight Management Program is more comprehensive than any other. Every plan is medically monitored to ensure safe and effective weight loss. And our multidisciplinary team addresses all aspects of weight loss: medical physicians, surgeons, nurses, dietitians, health educators and fitness experts.

CHI Health Sleep Centers
The CHI Health Sleep Center provides complete evaluation of sleep apnea in comfortable, hotel-like study rooms. Respiratory therapists meet with you to discuss your symptoms and sleep patterns. And they will help treat your sleep apnea with a combination of sleep lifestyle changes, medication and breathing equipment, such as CPAP and BiPAP machines.

CHI Health Tobacco Cessation
Research has shown that behavior modification, which includes counseling and pharmaceutical strategies, can ensure that your experience with tobacco cessation is long-lasting. The support you receive will motivate and build the confidence necessary to ensure success.

Treating Depression
The CHI Health Center for Mental Health offers private, one-on-one care from experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, master’s level counselors, therapists, nurses and other mental health and addiction recovery professionals. Services are available at several locations throughout the metro area.

CHI Health Physical Therapy 
CHI Health provides physical therapy at outpatient rehabilitation clinics throughout Omaha and Council Bluffs. Our therapists are medically trained, licensed professionals with expertise in all areas of physical therapy. We also have on staff several physiatrists – doctors of physical medicine – who specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with physical limitations. 

Ergonomic Services
CHI Health provides ergonomic assessments that evaluate your workplace and offer solutions in work design and training to eliminate the inefficient work patterns that lead to muscular fatigue, poor performance, accidents and injuries. A 30-minute workstation evaluation includes individualized adjustments and modifications for improving postural support, comfort, functionality and work performance.