There are Many Causes for Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is extremely common and is the third leading cause of orthopedic disability in the United States both in adults and children.

There are actually many causes for shoulder pain. There are various traumatic causes like shoulder dislocation and shoulder fractions and tears to the rotator cuff. There are many degenerative conditions such as shoulder arthritis and the shoulder tendons can wear out as well. 

The first step in diagnosing shoulder pain is sitting down with your physician for a history and physical exam. After that we will do a diagnostic ultrasound in the office or order an x-ray or MRI so we can confirm what’s going on in your shoulder and direct treatment. 

There are many treatments for shoulder pain. Conservative treatments consist of physical therapy sometimes pain medication we also give injections. If surgery is indicated we do minimally invasive surgery done with a camera to repair things such as a torn rotator cuff or torn ligament. We also do joint replacement surgery for arthritis.

You don’t have to suffer with shoulder pain. We have many options available. Call (402) 717-0820 to schedule an appointment to have your shoulder injury evaluated.

Fellowship-trained CHI Health Orthopedic Surgeons Treat All Shoulder Conditions

Whether the cause is related to arthritis, inflammation, or rotator cuff injuries, CHI Health would like to help. The CHI Health Shoulder Center is a specialty clinic devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder conditions. The Shoulder Center team is comprised of orthopedic surgeons with fellowship training in shoulder disorders and radiologists specifically trained in orthopedic and shoulder imaging to assist in the diagnosis of your condition. Physical therapists also serve a vital role in helping to restore function.

Your First Visit

The Shoulder Center is designed to provide a quick diagnosis. Same or next day appointments are available. During your initial visit, you will meet with a surgeon and a physical therapist. Together they will devise a plan and begin treatment immediately. You will have email access, so a shoulder surgeon can answer your questions at any time during your treatment.  The Shoulder Center is available at three locations for your convenience:

  • CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy
  • CHI Health Immanuel
  • CHI Health Lakeside

Patients of the Shoulder Center have the comfort of knowing they are being treated by the top specialists in this area of care.  Our comprehensive shoulder services provide the following:

  • Individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Multi-disciplinary medical team consisting of physicians, a case manager, physical therapists and nurses
  • Education about your condition
  • Overseeing the successful completion of your rehabilitation