Hana Table

CHI Health offers the Hana® Table

Hana Table - Anterior Approach Hip Surgery

The Hana® Table

CHI Health offers the Hana® Table, a revolutionary surgical option for hip replacement candidates. The Hana® table allows for more effective surgeries, less pain, shorter hospitalization and faster recovery times.

A new approach to hip replacement surgery

Up until recently, hip replacement surgery has been performed using a posterior-lateral approach, with the patient facing downward. The surgeon would need to make incisions into the large muscles of the pelvis or femur (thighbone) to access the hip joint. This type of procedure required larger incisions and caused associated pain. Patients faced longer recovery times and potential joint instability due to the nature of the surgery.

The Hana table is a specially designed operating table that enables the surgeon to perform hip replacement surgery using an anterior approach, with the patient facing upward. Using this less invasive approach enables surgeons to replace the hip joint by working through the natural interval between muscles, using smaller incisions on the front of the upper thigh and without cutting into or detaching the important muscles at the side or back of the leg.

The Hana table enables surgeons to manipulate the leg more easily during surgery so they can properly position and evaluate the movement of the new hip joint. It allows for X-rays to be taken during surgery, further ensuring proper fit, leg length and optimal placement of hip joint components.

Benefits of the Anterior Approach

Because the surgeon moves muscles aside to access the hip joint, all muscles and natural stability are preserved. There are smaller incisions, and less blood loss and scarring. Since the incision is in front, patients avoid the pain of sitting on the incision site. Like similar minimally invasive procedures, this may decrease the average hospital stay to just two to four days. Patients can return to an active lifestyle more quickly.

CHI Health Locations that offer the Hana Table

The Hana table is available at four CHI Health hospitals in Nebraska and Iowa:

  • CHI Health Immanuel - Omaha
  • CHI Health Mercy - Council Bluffs
  • CHI Health St. Elizabeth - Lincoln
  • CHI Health St. Francis - Grand Island

All locations offer superior outcomes for joint replacement surgery.