Team Nursing Care

Our skilled nurses work together to help each and every patient.

Team Nursing

CHI Health is working to respond innovatively while increasing the quality of care for our patients. One way our nursing staff accomplishes this is through Team Nursing.

Each day our nurses complete admissions, educate patients, perform routine assistance, prep patients for surgery, inform patients at time of discharge, answer questions from patients and loved ones, and so much more!

The team nursing approach allows our nurses to move from caring about “my” patients to teams caring for a group of “our patients.”  Team Nursing reduces the stress of one RN trying to care for a group of assigned patients by themselves, with the goal of each member of the team sharing the workload. CHI Health is incorporating team nursing into general-care units throughout the system. In fact, it has taken a team to get the job done. At the start, RN, LPN and CNA representatives across the system met on four different occasions to develop the team nursing model. In addition, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing & Communication, Clinical Practice, Patient Care Services and others have helped to launch this initiative.  

Team Nursing will:

  • Bring Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) back into the acute-care setting
  • Increase the number of Clinical Nurses Assistants (CNAs) into the model 
  • Promote frequent huddles to prioritize patients’ needs and appropriately assign the workload.

Current research confirms that Team Nursing results in:

  • Less stress for nurses
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Better patient outcomes