What Sets Us Apart

From Kearney to Corning we are committed to ensuring that no matter what CHI Health Hospital you go to we can ensure you will receive the highest level of care. Our “System-ness” allows us to utilize resources to help ensure quality care throughout all campuses. See all of our hospital locations below.

We have developed a One-Call Transfer Center at CHI Health which helps to ensure if you need specialty care that is not available in your exact location, we can get you transferred quickly and efficiently to a CHI Health Hospital that can manage your care. 

Expert Neurological Technology

As technology is quickly evolving, we now offer advanced solutions to help our entire streamlined process and communication.  Some examples of these advanced tools are:


  • 24/7 stroke experts
  • At your bedside in minutes
  • Reduces treatment time

AI CT Angiography 

  • Precision Artificial Intelligence
  • Checks for blood clot in brain
  • Reduces treatment time

Perfusion Software 

  • Verify brain health
  • Keeps patient in their community
  • Reduces treatment time