Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Immanuel Medical Center has a dedicated Level 4 Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU). This unit is specifically equipped for 24 hour patient monitoring. Our monitoring unit uses both EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment to monitor brain activity and video cameras to record body movements during a seizure. The combined use of both these methods allows for our epileptologists to diagnose a seizure problem more precisely and design a more inclusive treatment plan. This method is commonly known as Video-EEG Monitoring. 

If you are interested, you can download a printable version of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit patient handout as well as the frequently asked questions.

  • The admission process begins when your doctor decides that prolonged video-EEG monitoring would be useful in evaluating your seizures/events or epilepsy.
  • Our epilepsy coordinator will work with you to get you scheduled for admission into our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. This includes help with getting the video-EEG monitoring approved through your insurance or patient financial assistance.
  • Most patients are scheduled to arrive Monday mornings and stay 3-4 nights.
  • Take your usual medications at your regular time unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. Plan to bring a medication list with dosages or the pharmacy-labeled bottles. 
  • Shower, shampoo, and dry your hair the morning of admission. Be sure your hair is clean and free of styling gels, hair sprays, and/or styling products.
  • Plan to arrive at the Diagnostics Registration Desk at CHI Health Immanuel by your assigned time. Bring your insurance and photo ID card and current emergency contact phone numbers. You may call (402) 717-2222 to update information, if needed, before you are admitted.
  • You will be admitted to one of our private, specially equipped, monitoring rooms. Upon arrival, one of our EEG technologists will begin to place the electrodes so we can start monitoring your brain waves.
  • An IV will be placed in the event seizure medication is needed immediately.
  • You will be monitored 24 hours a day. Most of the time you will stay in bed or in a chair next to the bed. Sequential hose are placed on your legs to prevent blood clots due to limited exercise.
  • A bedside commode is used instead of the bathroom to avoid possible injury if a seizure were to occur in a small space.
  • All monitoring rooms have a TV and DVD player.
  • Meals will be provided; however, you are welcome to bring in snacks and drinks of your choice.
  • Seizure provoking methods are utilized during your stay. These are individualized to ensure safe, effective care for each patient. They may include: medication reduction or discontinuation, sleep deprivation, photic stimulation, and hyperventilation.
  • Nursing staff will be available at all times to assist you. While undergoing Video EEG monitoring, you will be cared for by a number of professional staff. Feel free to ask questions at any time. Your safety during your stay is our priority.
  • The neurologist will discuss with you the findings and treatment plan.
  • Medications will have been restored to therapeutic levels prior to you leaving the hospital.
  • The EEG electrodes will be removed.
  • Nursing staff will assist with any additional discharge needs.
  • A follow-up appointment with your epilepsy doctor will be made unless one has already been scheduled.

Can I use my laptop, phone, or other electronic devices?

  • Yes you may use electronic devices. However, while the electronic device is plugged into the wall try to use them minimally. This can create some disturbances with the EEG recording. While the device is plugged in we ask that you have it sitting on your bedside table and not in your lap.

May I sit in the recliner or on the couch?

  • Yes you may unless otherwise directed by the neurologist. Staff will usually confirm this with the neurologist first. Please call for assistance before getting up yourself. You have multiple cords attached to you and for your safety we do not want you to trip and fall.

Can I take a shower while I am here?

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to shower during monitoring because of all the electrodes on your head. However, staff will be able to assist you with getting wash cloths and water so you can get cleaned up and change clothes.

Can family or friends bring me food during my stay? 

  • Yes, your friends and family can bring you in food and snacks.

What do I wear?

  • We recommend wearing comfortable, button-down clothing and shorts or sweatpants. Hospital gowns are available if needed.

Why do I need an IV?

  • Every admitted patient will have an IV placed. This is for your safety in case the need for rescue medications arises. Some individuals have altered awareness with their seizures or events and become unable to swallow pills. An IV makes it easier and quicker to give the patient their medication.