Destination Clinic

CHI Health Neurological Institute at CHI Health Immanuel offers true patient-centric care to a destination clinic.

Destination clinic visits work like this:

  1. See the Experts: The patient will check-in at our Neurological Institute and start their morning by meeting with one of our neurologists. Our multidisciplinary team anticipates a patient’s needs so when he or she arrives, the patient will see a neurologist, get help from a physical therapist if necessary and perhaps consult with a neurosurgeon.
  2. Get Needed Tests: If tests are necessary after visiting with the neurologist, the patient will then proceed on to complete these tests same day. Typically these tests consist of an EEG and/or MRI.
  3. Results, Diagnose, Treatment: Follow-up visit occurs same day with the neurologist in the afternoon following completion of testing. This part of your day consists of receiving test results and discussing any further treatment plans that may be needed.

There will be no appointments “three months out” and the visits are in succession, all under one roof. The patient benefits from no more long waits to see the experts, get test results, be diagnosed, and begin treatment.