Remembrance Hand Molds & Memory Pillows


Remembrance Hand Molds

Remembrance hand molds are a loving tribute to and a permanent reminder of a loved one. A remembrance hand mold is a three-dimensional replica of the patient's hand joined to another's hand, so that after the patient is gone, their memory can live on. 

Started by CHI Health Hospice Chaplain, Ray Martin, our CHI Health Hospice chaplains provide this service upon request.

Memory Pillows

Memory pillows are a wonderful way to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. A pillow made with clothing from the past can provide comfort and a special connection that helps one grieve the loss. These pillows also can become treasured family heirlooms for future generations. Memory pillows are handcrafted by skilled CHIHospice volunteers. Clothing such as blouses, pajamas, dresses, shirts or other items are used to construct one pillow for each family at no cost.