No One Dies Alone

No One Dies Alone is a unique program providing spiritual and emotional support to those in their last hours who do not have family or friends available to be with them during this time.

CHI Health is the first health care system in Omaha to offer the No One Dies Alone (NODA) program to the patients we serve. Started in Oregon by Sandra Clarke, RN, NODA embraces the belief that no one needs to be alone during their final moments of life.

Q. Who may receive this service?

A. NODA is for patients who are expected to die within 48 to 72 hours and do not  have family or close friends to be with them. NODA is also for patients whose family members are exhausted by the mental and physical toll of caring for their loved one and need some respite or support. 

Q. Who are the NODA Volunteers?

A. NODA volunteers may be employees of CHI Health or volunteers from the community who are specially trained by CHI Health at Home.

Q. What kind of training do NODA volunteers receive?

A. NODA volunteers participate in a training session that reviews the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the dying process. They sign confidentiality agreements and are educated on patient privacy as well as facility policies and procedures. Volunteers are required to meet the commitments of CHI Health, are subject to background checks, and are required to get a TB test..Volunteers are available for sitting with the patient during a 4-hour shift (approximately), although some volunteers may wish to stay with the patient longer.

Q. What services to NODA volunteers provide?

A. NODA volunteers are companions to the dying, providing comfort and support to the patient and their family. NODA volunteers are a peaceful, calming presence that lets the patient know they are not alone during their final moments of life. Volunteers typically pick up night vigil shifts, giving family members a chance to shower and sleep. Volunteers are available to talk, read,play music, quietly hold the patient’s hand and pray upon patient/family request. While volunteers do not perform nursing duties, they do ease chapped lips and alert nurses to patient needs.

Q. How does a patient access NODA services?

A. CHI Health nurses and social workers can refer the dying patient to the NODA program. To access NODA services for a patient, contact (402) 898-8000.

Q. How does one become a No One Dies Alone volunteer?

A. To learn more about becoming a NODA volunteer, contact CHI Health at Home at (402) 898-8000. 

Download a CHI Health at Home Hospice/NODA volunteer application form.

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