Levels of Hospice Care

Because each patient has a unique set of needs, CHI Heath Hospice offers four levels of care: Routine Care (at home or in a nursing facility), Continuous Care, Inpatient Care and Respite Care.

Routine Care

CHI Health Hospice offers two types of Routine Care:

  • At Home Care
    The patient remains in at home, with the family taking care of them. The Hospice staff visits as according to the care plan.
  • In a Nursing Facility
    The patient may also be in an assisted living facility or nursing home, with staff taking care of the patient. In this case, hospice staff visits a few times a week to ensure their symptoms are managed.

Is Routine Care Covered by Medicare?

The patient pays for his or her nursing home stay, but Medicare pays for the expenses relating to hospice comfort, such as equipment and medications related to the diagnosis.

Continuous Care

Continuous Care is provided in a residential setting when the patient is in crisis and symptoms cannot be managed with the routine level of care. This level of care is sometimes initiated to prevent transfer to an inpatient setting.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is recommended for the patient who is having severe difficulty with a symptom, such as pain or shortness of breath, or anxiety. It is also advised for patients requiring medical intervention at least every two hours. General inpatient care is offered only at a hospital, some nursing homes, and at the Josie Harper Hospice House. A patient may require general inpatient care when first in hospice, and may go home or be shifted to another care level, as their condition requires.

CHI Health maintains relationships with many of the area's nursing facilities for hospice care through our nursing home network.

Is Inpatient Care Covered by Medicare? 

Medicare pays for general inpatient care.

Respite Care

Respite care is helpful for families who are caring for their loved one, but need a break from care-giving duties to take a vacation or other purposes.

Is Respite Care Covered by Medicare?

For five days a month, Medicare will pay for the patient's stay in a nursing home or hospital or hospice house.