Lip Lifting

The upper lip lift can be performed in both men and women. It is a subtle and elegant procedure to restore and improve the appearance of the upper lip without the use of filler. As you age, the upper lip loses volume and increases in length. The border of the lip also starts to “roll in”.  This could include lifting the entire length of the nasal section of the lip and/or a corner lip lift. You may be considering a lip lift if you desire a more full upper lip with maintained definition without the use of fillers. A lip lift can help to reposition and restore a more youthful appearing lip. Improvements in “lipstick lines” can be seen as well.


  • Shorten the lip length between the nose and mouth
  • Shorten the length of the midface to improve facial harmony
  • Evert the lip
  • Increase the amount of “red/pink lip” show
  • Improvement in “overfilled face” syndrome or those with a simian appearance due to filler migration
  • Decrease the need for filler


Do I need to dissolve my fillers prior to a lip lift?

  • Your facial plastic surgeon may advise that your previous filler be dissolved if it has migrated into the white lip skin. This would need to be performed at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery. The filler in the pink lip should not need to be dissolved if it was placed well.

Will I still need/want lip fillers after a lip lift?

  • A lip lift can actually make the lip more ideal for filler as it  shortens the length of the lip and improves the eversion of the vermillion border. Filler at this point, would be applied in finesse. 

Are there any permanent lip fillers?

  • A lip lift has more long-lasting results than lip filler. Ask your facial plastic surgeon about SMAS lip augmentation.