Hearing Aids - Omaha

CHI Health Audiologists provide a full range of hearing aid services for adults and children. Patients may need one or more of the types of assistance below.

A Hearing Aid Consultation:

  • Discussion of your daily listening needs
  • Complete overview of hearing aid technology and accessories
  • Overview of our policies and procedures

Hearing Aid Fitting:

  • Daily use and routine
  • Changing the batteries
  • Charging the batteries
  • Cleaning/care of the hearing aids
  • Insertion removal of the hearing aid
  • Accessory operation (if applicable)

Follow Up Care:

  • Adjusting the hearing aid
  • Clean and check the hearing aid
  • Real Ear Verification Measurements
  • Any additional counseling that is needed

Hearing Protection:

Exposure to noise is one of the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss. Noise damages the hair cells in the cochlea, and once damaged, the cells critical to hearing cannot be restored. The result is permanent hearing loss. CHI Audiology Clinic provides a wide array of both OTC and custom hearing protection including, but not limited to, solutions for hunters, musicians, woodworkers and others exposed to noise at work or play.