EAP Services

CHI Health Employee Assistance Program offers a wide-range of services to help employees manage life’s challenges and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We provide assessment, short-term counseling, referral to appropriate community resources and ongoing follow-up.

  • Face-to-face counseling with Masters level therapists
  • Management consultation services
  • Legal and financial consultations
  • Critical Incident Response
  • On-site grief support
  • Maintenance of client files
  • Work to reduce overall healthcare costs by maximizing your employees’ insurance coverage

Training for your staff

An employee assistance program is only effective if it is utilized. At CHI Health, we not only provide the tools for a successful EAP, we also offer training and promotion to make sure employees know the benefits of the services and how to access them when needed. We train supervisors and managers to recognize the signs of an employee in need and support them in getting the appropriate help. We are willing to train all supervisory and management personnel to use EAP as a performance enhancement tool.

  • Teach employees how to use EAP services
  • Offer training seminars on many relevant wellness and work-related topics
  • Assist supervisor and managers in utilizing EAP and addressing workplace issues

EAP Program Promotion Assistance

  • Assist in developing policy and procedures for accessing EAP services
  • Promote EAP services to employees – wallet cards, brochures and posters
  • Provide immediate access to EAP information and services online
  • Distribute monthly newsletters to employees and quarterly newsletters to supervisors and managers
  • Provide quarterly and annual utilization reports
  • Participate in company health fairs

We Partner With You

The CHI Health Employee Assistance Program is more than a program – it’s a partnership. We provide training and program development, we offer a wide range of services designed to reflect the needs of your employees and we keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Client Satisfaction is Ensured

Client satisfaction surveys requesting feedback are offered to all EAP clients receiving services. Summary ratings are available for company review.