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Optimizing Job Productivity and Performance Through a Healthy Work/Life Balance

The ultimate goal of any business is to optimize productivity and job performance, but today’s employees are constantly challenged to uphold a healthy balance between home and work. When life throws them a “curve ball” you can bet their work will be affected if the “pitch” is not dealt with properly.

Since 1985, CHI Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has enabled employers to maximize their human assets by helping employees cope with personal and workplace issues. We do this by helping identify the signs of a potential problem in their early stages and initiating the proper treatment before it becomes a physical, emotional and financial burden to the employee, his or her family and the employer.

Whether the problem is a conflict at home or in the workplace, with substance abuse or eldercare, no matter what the personal challenge is, CHI Health Employee Assistance Program is there to help.

The organizations CHI Health EAP serves have reduced absenteeism, medical costs and accidents in the workplace while increasing productivity and improving employee morale. Our EAP staff professionals are required to obtain their credentials as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). Feedback from our Client Satisfaction Surveys consistently rate that services received were felt to be excellent and clients would highly recommend our program to others.

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Our Mission

  • To become an extension of your organization, providing the tools needed to keep your employees healthy and productive
  • To offer a program that employees feel free to seek assistance from for any concerns that affect their personal well-being and / or professional performance
  • To provide the needed support and education to empower supervisors in addressing work performance problems and difficult employee situations
  • To act as a liaison between employers, employees and community resources
  • To coordinate healthcare access and reduce expenses ensuring employees receive the right care in a timely manner.