Cancer Care Testimonials

"Early detection saved my life, but it was those [breast cancer] survivors that healed my heart." Two-time breast cancer survivor Kelly speaks to the encouragement and healing she's received by connecting with others who have had similar breast cancer journeys.

"You know what's normal about your own body and if you notice anything different, that's when it's really important to get it checked out." Jenniffer shares her journey with breast cancer, the importance of screenings and self-checks, and how the connections she made with her caregivers helped to put her mind at ease.

In August 2021 Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Every step of the way, her faith, family and friends helped her get through the process. She says we owe it to ourselves to get checked out. 

Thanks to an early diagnosis, Minerva is grateful to be here today. Her message to you is to love yourself first so you can love your family. And part of loving yourself is getting your mammogram.