Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Residential and outpatient treatment services for substance use disorders

St. Francis Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders in Nebraska

The St. Francis Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center (ADTC) offers residential and outpatient treatment services for substance use disorders.

The ADTC philosophy is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and participation in 12-Step Recovery support groups. All of our alcohol and drug abuse counselors are state-licensed. They work closely with our clients and their families to develop and implement a plan of recovery from substance use disorders and guide them toward a life free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Programs involve individual, group, family, and educational sessions. Clients are often transitioned from more intensive to less intensive levels of care as they progress in the recovery process.

Treatment Levels

A complete substance use evaluation is typically the entryway into our services. These evaluations assist us in determining the most appropriate level and intensity of care for each patient.

Residential Program

This program is the most intensive level of treatment. Clients needing this level of care often are unable to maintain abstinence without 24-hour supervision and require intensive treatment intervention. Clients remain in residential care until successful transition to lesser level of care is warranted. The average length of stay can vary from five to 28 days.

Intensive Outpatient

Clients attend programming at least three days each week for at least three hours each day. It is a helpful alternative for those clients who need intensive treatment yet cannot afford to be away from work. This program provides treatment in the evening.

Individualized Outpatient

This program includes a variety of less intensive program options that are designed to meet each client’s particular needs. One- to two-hour outpatient group sessions are available throughout the week. These weekly groups focus heavily on relapse prevention.

Family Services

We offer a variety of services in order to help families learn about the disease of alcoholism and understand the treatment their loved ones are receiving through family education groups.


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Blue Distinction® for Substance Use Treatment

CHI Health St. Francis received Blue Distinction for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.