COVID-19 Testing

Our health care providers are in constant communication with local health officials on coronavirus testing. CHI Health offers several options for COVID-19 testing.

CHI Health Priority Care - no appointment required

Learn more about CHI Health Priority Care locations and hours.

CHI Health Virtual Quick Care - no appointment required

CHI Health Quick Care - no appointment required

  • Quick Care clinics are located in Hy-Vee supermarkets throughout the metro area:
  • Nasal specimens collected at Quick Care for testing if indicated. 

Other testing options

COVID-19 Test Pricing

In accordance with provisions in the CARES Act, the “cash” price for COVID-19 testing is available here. The actual price a patient may pay will likely be lower, as this price does not take into account insurance coverage or financial assistance a patient may be eligible for. Where testing is available at our own facilities it can typically be provided at a reduced cost. If in-house testing is not available, testing may be performed by an outside lab which sets the price for its test. These cash prices are only for the COVID-19 diagnostic testing itself and are not inclusive of the diagnosis and/or treatment of other medical conditions. Charges are continually reviewed and subject to change.