Clinic Safety Precautions

Entry Screenings and Masks

Clinics require all patients and support persons accompanying them to be in a medical mask. Clinics have respiratory hygiene stations at the entrance with masks and hand sanitizer available for patients to use. At check-in, our registration staff will screen patients and support persons about COVID-19 exposure and symptoms. Only healthy support persons are allowed to accompany a patient to appointments.

Electronic Check-in Option

For an electronic check-in option, you can use the MyChart app set up for your account. You'll get a notification 24 hours before your appointment allowing you to check-in through your MyChart account where you can update your information about your address and phone number, your insurance information, your medical conditions and medications and all of that to speed up the check-in process and to keep you from having to do that with one of us and keeping you a safe distance at home.

Increased Cleaning

We continue to do extra cleaning but are not doing hourly disinfection so that needs to be removed. We continue to have minimal things in the waiting room area.

Decreased Contact

In addition to providing electronic check-in if you do come in to check-in person we've decreased the amount of touching to be done. So you'll be asked to swipe your credit card if you're going to use that to verify information. We don't need to take your ID card or your credit card from you just to decrease that touching.

Virtual Visit Options

When you call to schedule an appointment you'll be given several options depending upon why you need to be seen. Sometimes we do need to see you in the clinic and you'll be invited to schedule an appointment to come in and see us, and again we're making you safe to do that. But, for the right purposes we might consider offering you a virtual visit where you can visit with your provider via video chat or a telephone call to be able to take care of you and keep you separated. But we know you need to come in sometimes and we're doing things to make sure that that is a safe opportunity for you as well.

Coronavirus testing

Our health care providers are in constant communication with local health officials on coronavirus testing. CHI Health offers several ways to get tested:

Additional information on testing is available through the CDC website or TestIowa.

Test pricing

In accordance with provisions in the CARES Act, the “cash” price for COVID-19 testing is available here. The actual price a patient may pay will likely be lower, as this price does not take into account insurance coverage or financial assistance a patient may be eligible for. Where testing is available at our own facilities it can typically be provided at a reduced cost. If in-house testing is not available, testing may be performed by an outside lab which sets the price for its test. These cash prices are only for the COVID-19 diagnostic testing itself and are not inclusive of the diagnosis and/or treatment of other medical conditions. Charges are continually reviewed and subject to change.