Endoscopy Center

Patients with problems in their digestive system or needing a colonoscopy now have another option - the new Endoscopy Center conveniently located at CHI Health Midlands--it’s a low cost, safe alternative designed with the patient in mind.

“This is where we perform outpatient endoscopy - meaning colon and upper endoscopy primarily for screening purposes but also for diagnostic purposes. If your physician or your gastroenterologists believes you need an endoscopy to help diagnose or treat an underlying gastrointestinal disorder, this is one of the places you have the option to have that done,” said Gastroenterologist Bob Kizer, MD.

There are many advantages to going to the Endoscopy Center at Midlands. The changing rooms are private, the recovery rooms are private, and all the procedures are performed by board certified gastroenterologists using state of the art technology. The experience provides patients the highest quality care without the highest price.

“We’ve been able to structure it so that it is one of the cheapest places to have an endoscopy in town. We’ve managed to work with everybody here – all the players, the nurses, the hospital, the anesthesia staff, to structure this in such a way that this is one of the lowest cost options to have an endoscopy in town,” said Dr. Kizer.

The new Endoscopy Center at Midlands specializes in screening colonoscopies – using the same equipment, the same staff you would find at the hospital – at a fraction of the cost. The center was created for patients considered low risk.

”Anybody who gets their endoscopy done here is put through a screening process that is surprisingly brief but effective. Anyone we think may be higher risk we may offer it done at one of our hospitals where we can provide a little better support for those other medical conditions. If you are a run of the mill 50 year old and it is time for a screening colonoscopy, if you’re getting worked up for swallowing difficulty, there’s a question of inflammatory bowel disease, or chronic diarrhea or we are looking for an ulcer - if you have good heart and lung status, you are an excellent candidate to get it done here,” said Dr. Kizer.

If you would like more information on the new Endoscopy Center at CHI Health Midlands call (402) 717-9800.