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6901 N 72nd St

Omaha, NE 68122


Roy Abraham, MD - Orthopedic Surgery Adult Joint Reconstruction , Orthopedic Surgery
Hussam Abuissa, MD - Cardiology , Electrophysiology
Himanshu Agarwal, MD - Interventional Cardiology , Cardiology
Tyron A. Alli, MD - Gastroenterology
Imad Alsakaf, MD - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Adult
Ronald W. Anderson, MD - Internal Medicine
Radha Andukuri, MD - Internal Medicine , Endocrinology
Krishan Ariyarathna, MD - Internal Medicine
Monica Arora, MD - Psychiatry Child and Adolescent , Psychiatry
Martha A. Arouni, MD - Gastroenterology
Thomas M. Atteberry, MD - Sports Medicine , Orthopedic Surgery
Nagi T. Ayoub, MD - Plastic Surgery
Bruce Baron, DO - Neuroradiology
John Thomas Batter, MD - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Richard G. Belatti Jr., MD - Anesthesiology , Pain Medicine
Casey D. Beran, MD - Orthopedic Surgery Adult Joint Reconstruction , Orthopedic Surgery
Margaret Beran, MD, FACOG - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Karl A. Bergmann, MD - Orthopedic Surgery , Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
Alexander B. Bernal, MD - Gastroenterology
Jawed M. Bharwani, MBBS - Psychiatry Child and Adolescent , Psychiatry
Shashi K. Bhatia, MD - Psychiatry Child and Adolescent , Psychiatry
Garnet J. Blatchford, MD - Colorectal Surgery
Timea Bor, MD - Hospital Medicine
Margaret Borgmann, LIMHP, LISCW - Social Work , Mental Health Therapy
Robert Charles Bossert, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology
James B. Bowers, DO, FCCP - Pulmonary Medicine
Megan A Brady, MD - Orthopedic Trauma Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery
Douglas E. Brouillette, MD - Gastroenterology
Stephen R. Brown, MD - Orthopedic Surgery , Sports Medicine
Bruce H. Brumm, MD - Ophthalmology
Matthew V. Brumm, MD - Ophthalmology
Timothy Burd, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
John J. Cannella III, MD - Gastroenterology
Jason Carey, APRN - Critical Care , Pulmonary Medicine
Scott C. Carollo, MD - Cardiology , Interventional Cardiology
Jeffrey S. Carstens, MD - Cardiology , Interventional Cardiology
Nicole Caswell, RN, BSN, IBCLC - Certified Lactation Consultant
Heather E. Chambers, APRN - Infectious Diseases
Terri-Ann Ching, SLP - Speech Pathology
Jason J. Cisler, MD - Gastroenterology
David A. Clough, MD - Hand Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery
Thomas John Connolly, MD - Sports Medicine , Orthopedic Surgery
Brian P. Conroy, MD - Orthopedic Surgery , Sports Medicine
Bradley B. Copple, DPM - Podiatry/Foot Surgery
Elizabeth D. Cox, MD, FACOG - Robot-assisted Surgery , Obstetrics and Gynecology
Kristina Dada, PA-C - Pulmonary Medicine , Critical Care
M. Olubunmi Dada, MD, PhD - Family Medicine with Obstetrics , Family Medicine
Khagendra Dahal, MBBS - Interventional Cardiology
Kurt A. Davey, MD - Pediatrics
Michael Del Core, MD - Interventional Cardiology , Cardiology
Robert Steven Devin, MD - Emergency Medicine
James Devney, DO - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Naresh A. Dewan, MD - Sleep Medicine , Critical Care , Pulmonary Medicine
Robert P. Diego, MD - Anesthesiology
Matthew F. Dilisio, MD - Orthopedic Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery Upper Extremity
Liane E. Donovan, MD - Pain Medicine
William C. Dorwart, MD - Family Medicine , Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Robert C. Drvol, Jr., MD, FAAP - Pediatrics , Internal Medicine
Samuel Dubrow, MD - Orthopedic Surgery Upper Extremity , Orthopedic Surgery
Gregory G. Eckert, MD - Radiology , Interventional Radiology
Michael L. Egger, MD, DLFAPA - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Adult , Psychiatry Geriatric
Rebecca A. Ehlers, MD - Gastroenterology
Chad M. Eicher, MD - Radiology , Interventional Radiology
Rima El-Herte, MD - Infectious Diseases
Amanda Engler, PT, DPT - Physical Therapy
Don L. Evans, MD - Neuroradiology , Radiology
Joshua T. Evans, MD - Gastroenterology
Barry L. Fanders, MD - Radiology , Interventional Radiology
Helen O. Fasanya-Uptagraft, MD - Gastroenterology , Internal Medicine
Casey Ferguson, LIMHP - Mental Health Therapy
Thomas W. Frederickson, MD - Hospital Medicine
Jonathan E. Fuller, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Ramesh Gadiraju, MBBS - Hospital Medicine
Jayanthi Ganesan, MD - Hospital Medicine
Rohini Garg, MBBS - Hospital Medicine
J. Brian Gill, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Sandra Glissmann, PT - Physical Therapy
Kurt V. Gold, MD - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
David Goldner, MD - Nephrology
Sarah Goodwin, OTD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapy
George M. Greene, MD - Neurosurgery
Darren Groh, MD - Pathology
Rao Gutta, MD - Vascular Surgery , General Surgery
Toufik Haddad, MD - Interventional Cardiology
John D. Hain, MD - Neurosurgery
Anthony J. Halat, MD - Hospital Medicine
Stephanie M. Harris, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology , Robot-assisted Surgery
Scott A. Haughawout, DO - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Patricia A. Helke, MD - Neuroradiology
Michael Herrington, PT - Physical Therapy
Molly J. Hiatt, MD - Hospital Medicine
Co Thi Ho, MD - Family Medicine with Obstetrics , Family Medicine
Harvey A. Hopkins, MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Nichelle Horton-Brown, MD - Pediatrics , Internal Medicine
Amy Houlihan, APRN - Pulmonary Medicine , Critical Care
Michael A. Hovey, MD, FACS - Bariatric Surgery , General Surgery
Hudson H.T. Hsieh, MD - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Adult
Guillermo Huerta, MD - Pulmonary Medicine , Critical Care
Kellen L. Huston, MD - Sports Medicine , Orthopedic Surgery
Paul Jackman, APRN - Hospital Medicine
Andrea Jackson, APRN - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Erik Jacobson, DO - Hospital Medicine
Dave Jensen, PTA - Physical Therapy
Ric E. Jensen, MD - Neurosurgery
Michael B. Jones, MD - Gastroenterology
Alisha Josephson, APRN - Critical Care , Pulmonary Medicine
Niranjan KC, MBBS - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Child and Adolescent
Sarah Kaijala, SLP - Speech Pathology
Mark Kaipust, OTD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapy
Tiffany M. Kalin, APRN - Infectious Diseases
Arun KR Kanmantha Reddy, MBBS - Cardiology , Interventional Cardiology
M. Ebrahim Khan, MBBS - Hospital Medicine
Gary A. Koenig, MD - Allergy and Immunology , Pulmonary Medicine
Terrence J. Kolbeck, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Carol A. Koziol, CRNA - Anesthesiology
Brenda Krueger, APRN - Hospital Medicine
Carolina A. Landeen, MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Thomas J. Langdon, MD - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Deanna Larson, MD - Hospital Medicine
William C. Livingston, DO - Gastroenterology
Michael C. Longley, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Michele R. Marsh, MD - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Child and Adolescent
John R. Massey, MD - Pain Medicine
Abraham P. Mathews, MD - Hematology , Oncology
John W. McClellan III, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Ruth McDermott, RN - Palliative Medicine
Joan McDonough, OT, CHT - Occupational Therapy
Katie A. McGill, APRN - Critical Care , Pulmonary Medicine
Thomas R. McGinn, MD - Gastroenterology
Kathleen M. McKillip, MD - Internal Medicine , Pediatrics , Palliative Medicine
Kristine L. McVea, MD - Internal Medicine , Pediatrics
Lindsey Meckna, PTA - Physical Therapy
Rebecca Meggers, PA-C - Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
Steven D. Meinhold, DPM - Podiatry/Foot Surgery
Catherine E. Mendlick, MD - Breast Imaging , Radiology
Neil Mendoza, MD - Infectious Diseases
Frank J. Mezzacappa, MD, FCCP - Pulmonary Medicine
Jason J. Mickels, MD - Hand Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery
Jason J. Miller, MD, DMD - Plastic Surgery
Lee D. Millward, MD - Emergency Medicine
John C. Mitchell II, MD - Gastroenterology
Ariel Modrykamien, MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Douglas R. Moore, MD - Pulmonary Medicine , Critical Care
Sandeep Mukherjee, MD - Gastroenterology , Hepatology
Hussam Nagm, MD - Anesthesiology
Kalyana C. Nandipati, MBBS - Bariatric Surgery , Esophageal Surgery , General Surgery
Shraddha M. Narechania, MBBS - Pulmonary Medicine
Ann E. Narmi, MD - Interventional Cardiology , Cardiology
Cam Nguyen, MD - Radiation Oncology
Michelle Ninemire, PT, DPT - Physical Therapy
Stephen M. O'Connor, MD - Interventional Cardiology , Cardiology
Frederic P. Ogren, MD, FACS - Otolaryngology (Ear Nose and Throat)
Gina Oliveto, MD - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Child and Adolescent
Charles Olson, MD - Cardiology
Katie Orr, PT, DPT - Physical Therapy
Subhash Paknikar, MD - Nuclear Medicine
Vinit Patil, MD - Hospital Medicine
Nicole A. Pearsall, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nancy Pearson, PT - Physical Therapy
Susan M. Peschel, APRN - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Eric D. Phillips, MD - Orthopedic Surgery
Edward C. Piller, MD - Internal Medicine
Adam M. Pleas, MD - Otolaryngology (Ear Nose and Throat)
Kristin Plourde, PT, DPT - Physical Therapy
Chakra Pureti, MD - Internal Medicine
Syed F. Qadri, MD - Psychiatry , Psychiatry Adult
Sylvia Rael, MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Jyotsna Ranga, MBBS - Psychiatry Child and Adolescent , Psychiatry
Rajani Rangray, MBBS - Hepatology , Gastroenterology
Samer Renno, MD - Hematology , Oncology
Kate Rentschler, PA-C - Orthopedic Surgery
Joshua D. Ridder, PA-C - Pulmonary Medicine , Critical Care