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Reviewed on Nov 27, 2022

Thoroughly explained treatment options

Reviewed on Sep 30, 2022

I have recommended Dr. Watson to a friend's sister

Reviewed on Sep 9, 2022

I cannot say enough good things about my visit. The RN, PA and Dr Watson were ALL very caring and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable in the office. When I am ready for surgery (I have some weight to lose first) they will be the only team I will seek treatment from.

Reviewed on Sep 2, 2022

I have had my doctor for 23 years and trust her with everything

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2022

I enjoy Dr. Watson, and love that he prays with his patients! I feel like I'm getting very good care when I need to visit him.

Reviewed on Aug 8, 2022

Dr. Watson was very thorough, attentive and listened to my issues. He made me feel genuinely cared about, and I left my appointment fInally feeling like I had a good course of action moving forward.

Reviewed on Aug 3, 2022

I always come with a list of questions and/or concerns and all of them always get addressed to the fullest extent. Dr. Watson and [...] PA are very good about explaining everything and show the utmost compassion and care!

Reviewed on Aug 1, 2022

Dr. Watson and the rest of his team were excellent. Highly recommend.

Reviewed on Jul 14, 2022

Dr Watson has gone above and beyond start to present day. Appreciate everything he has done

Reviewed on Jul 9, 2022

Dr. Paul Watson is so compassionate and professional and is truly 100% for the patient and wanting to see successful results. I love how he prays over the patient. Such a thoughtful and calming gesture.

Reviewed on Jun 25, 2022

Dr. Watson listens so intently, but in a way that relaxes one and warms one with his caring smile. [...] brought me information at the end of my time w/ Dr. Watson, and she saw that I had been crying. It was from a beautiful, on-target prayer Dr. Watson had just prayed on my behalf. (Now THAT is a rare and beautiful practice of his as well!) I was so touched and comforted. [...] spoke to me with great empathy and listened to the last few last comments I shared with her about my not-so-great experience with another Dr outside the CHI system who was helping me with a different health Issue that Intertwined. I would not be surprised if she reported what I shared with her to Dr. Watson, as their office had recommended this Dr. I hope she did say something. This other Dr's. Care was good, but his manner of speaking to me was was so hurtful, it set back my recovery a couple days. It seemed as If she wanted Dr. Watson to know that. I know I would never be treated with anything less than kindness and tact by EVERYONE in Dr. Watson's office. He is a rare find.

Reviewed on Jun 22, 2022

So wonderful, Dr Watson said a prayer at my appointment! It comforts the patients. It really show he care very for his patients. More physicians should pray with their patients.

Reviewed on Jun 18, 2022

Dr. Watson referred me to a colleague who could probably give a more knowledgeable opinion on my complicated situation. He listened to me well. I really appreciate his decision, honesty, & humility. He offered to pray for me at the end, and that blessed me so very much!

Reviewed on Jun 18, 2022


Reviewed on May 20, 2022

Staff at check in was friendly and nice. Nurses and everyone were wonderful

Reviewed on May 11, 2022

Very positive physician/PA visit!

Reviewed on May 7, 2022

Dr Watson always thoughtfully listens to my questions and shows care with his answers.

Reviewed on May 6, 2022

Both Dr. Watson & his PA, Sam, we're attentive , pausing to listen to my answer as to their questions. The appt. Never felt rushed or that I was a bother. Even though we had never met before, they immediately seemed dedicated to get to the bottom of my issue. Took time to explain everything in detail.

Reviewed on Apr 17, 2022

Dr. Watson and his team are a blessing! I have recommended him to everyone I know that needs any Orthopedic treatment. I wouldn't want anyone else treating me.

Reviewed on Apr 13, 2022

The practitioner and Dr. Watson both identified my problem and each had recommendations to take it easier on the stairs, but that I could start walking on treadmill for increased stamina. This is working. Follow up appointment in June