Title IV Funding

The Guarantee Student Loan Program provides low interest loans to eligible students. Repayment of the principal begins in selected time periods when the student ceases to carry the academic load assigned by the participating institution. The applicant should be aware that the School of Radiologic Technology does not provide job placement service.

After establishing a program GPA at the end of first semester, the student may be eligible for institutional or other grants/scholarships.

The United States Department of Education classifies the school according to clock hours. The program consists of a total of 3,744 clock hours or 101.5 credit hours.  Before funds will be released, the student must complete 936 clock hours or 24.5 credit hours at the first-year midpoint and 2,808 clock hours or 76.5 credit hours at second-year mid-point. The program must be completed in a maximum time of 150%. With pre-requisite transfer credits, students graduate with a minimum of 123.5 hours.

If the student received financial aid from another institution, a financial aid transcript must be submitted. If no aid was received, a school statement must be submitted identifying that no aid was received. Financial aid exit interview/counseling is required. For first-time financial aid recipients, new federal guidelines require enrollment and attendance in a program for 30 days prior to release of funds.

Financial Aid Officer
David Velasquez
(402) 572-2318