Graduation Requirements

After completing the CHI Health Radiologic Technology program, graduates will be able to perform the following competencies:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills relating to verbal, nonverbal and written medical communication in patient care intervention and professional relationships.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of human structure, function and pathology.
  3. Anticipate and provide for basic patient care, comfort, safety and other patient needs, as well as appropriate patient education.
  4. Understand basic X-ray production/interactions and operate radiographic imaging equipment and accessory devices.
  5. Complete ARRT clinical education competencies and document a minimum of 1800 exams.
  6. Modify standard procedures to accommodate for patient condition and other variables.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge, exposure factors, and skills relating to medical imaging/digital processing.
  8. Problem solve exposure factors/positioning methods for various patient conditions, equipment, accessories and contrast media to maintain appropriate radiographic quality.
  9. Evaluate/critique radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality.
  10. Practice radiation protection for patient, self and others.
  11. Recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate first aid and basic life-support procedures.
  12. Evaluate the performance of radiographic system, know safe limits of equipment operation, recognize, report malfunctions to the proper authority and all other aspects relating to quality assurance.
  13. Exercise independent judgment and discretion in the technical performance of medical imaging procedures.
  14. Support the profession’s Code of Ethics and comply with the profession’s Scope of Practice.
  15. Return all books to the school library and return film identification badges to the school’s office.
  16. Pay all final tuition charges.