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CHI Health’s Speakers Bureau is a free community service that provides valuable health education to local organizations, professional associations, businesses, schools and other groups on a variety of health topics. Health information is presented by doctors and other health care professionals of CHI Health’s health care team. 

If your organization is interested in having one of our medical or health care professionals speak, please complete a Request a Speaker form at least 4 weeks before the scheduled event. 

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Topics Available


Art Therapy – Learn about the many ways art therapy can help people facing health issues nurture their spirit and cope with the stress of illness or injury. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Benefits of Physical Therapy – From helping you to stay fit and active, to improving balance and preventing falls, our experts in physical therapy can help you learn simple exercises you can do at home, help you understand our inpatient rehabilitation services and more.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) – From ear infections as a child to snoring as an adult, an ear, nose and throat specialist can help detect under lying problems and help solve them. Available in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and Nebraska City.

Mental Health – One in five adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental health disorder. The most common is anxiety. CHI Health, which has long been the largest provider of mental and behavioral care in the region, has experts to help you recognize a problem and figure out what you can do about it. We can work to tailor a presentation to specific interests as needed. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Sleep – At least one in three adults don’t get the sleep they need to stay healthy. Sleep deprivation can weaken the immune system, increase your chances for heart disease and make it much more difficult to think clearly and concentrate. CHI Health has experts in sleep who can help.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Weight Management – Extra weight is related to a host of health problems like diabetes, heart disease and skeletal problems. CHI Health has experts in weight management and weight loss surgery who can compassionately discuss options.  Available in Omaha

Women’s Health – From dietitians and physicians who can talk about all the stages of your life to mental health experts who understand the stresses of juggling children, relationships, careers and aging parents. Help us understand the area of women’s health you’d like to emphasize and we’ll do our best to tailor a presentation to your needs.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.


Back and Spine – Back injuries can be so painful it’s hard to think about anything else. Hear about new treatments and surgeries that can help. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Breast Health – One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time. CHI Health has experts who can talk about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery from breast cancer.  Available in all our CHI Health communities

Breathe Easy – Respiratory Care – Taking a good, deep breath isn’t easy for everyone. Some conditions, like COPD, make deep breathing a challenge. Hear from a CHI Health expert in respiratory on how you can keep pneumonia and emphysema from taking your breath away. Available in Omaha metro and Lincoln.

Diabetes – Our physicians and diabetes educators are available to educate our community on prevention and prediabetes, to living well with this disease.  Available in all our CHI Health communities

Fight the Flu! – CHI Health infectious disease specialists and other experts monitor the flu season well before it arrives in Nebraska and southwest Iowa. They can speak to our flu forecast, and how to best protect yourself and your family.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Healthy Hearts – Every community we serve is prepared to care for heart patients. Our experts can speak to every level of heart care from prevention to the latest procedures, recover and rehab. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Sports Medicine – Whether you’re a weekend warrior or hard-core athlete, CHI Health has a team of sports medicine experts who can help you treat whatever is ailing you – from shin splints to knee pain, we can get you back in the game. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Understanding your Prescriptions – You’ve been to the doctor, you have a prescription and you go get it filled. Done and done, right? Not so fast. CHI Health pharmacists are here to help you understand the side effects and how that new medication may interact with other medicines you’re on.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.


Emergency - Really? – When you’re sick or have an injury, your first thought might be “take me to the emergency room.” But is it really an emergency? Our experts can help you determine a true emergency and when you might be better off in a lower level of care. They can tell you about CHI Health Trauma and Air Care services that get patients to expert emergency and trauma care.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Burn Care/Wound Care – CHI Health is home to the region’s only verified Burn Center. Hear how patients with severe burns come from around the region to seek care at CHI St. Elizabeth. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Hospice & Palliative Care – End of life care is among the most difficult yet most compassionate work in health care. CHI Health has a team of experts in this field who can help you understand options and have the important conversations about advanced directives with your loved ones.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Neonatal Intensive Care – Neonatal Intensive Care – Babies born early or with special health issues will spend time in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Hear how CHI Health provides the highest level of NICU care in the region where babies, parents and family are all cared for together.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Trauma – Nebraska and southwest Iowa are blessed to have a trauma network with the most experienced and brilliant trauma surgeons in the region. Our experts are experienced speakers in trauma surgery and critical care. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Inside Look

Anesthesiology and Pain Management – Anesthesiology is not just for the operating room. This medical specialty can also bring relief to people who suffer from chronic pain. Our experts can speak about new treatments for migraines, back pain and when to see a pain specialist.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Clinical Research – Part of getting a medicine approved for use is testing it with patients in the real world. Hear how CHI Health is part of a large clinical research network where we‘re taking advances and giving patients new hope.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Diagnostic Services – From x-rays to interventional radiology, hear from our experts in diagnostics on how to prepare for a test or procedure and will let you know what to expect.  Available in the Omaha metro, Missouri Valley, Kearney, and Lincoln

Neuroscience – CHI Health is home to the region’s neuroscience institute where we not only treat ill-nesses of the brain, but we also research them and help patients recover. Learn about stroke, seizures, brain trauma and disease, and the role of rehabilitation.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Orthopedics – With more than 200 bones and 600 muscles in the adult body, the odds are good that we’re all going to visit an Orthopedic specialist as some point in our lives. CHI Health has a vast array of orthopedic services from surgery to physical therapy. Our experts can speak to all aspects of care including joint replacement, hand and shoulder conditions and treatment options.  Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Talk with a Health Coach – CHI Health coaches can address a variety of general health topics and give you information about common conditions and concerns. They’re great at offering strategies to make small changes to improve your health.  Available in Omaha metro, Blair, Missouri Valley, Nebraska City and Plainview.

Talk with a Primary Care Doc – Hear from our primary care physicians on common health concerns. Available in all our CHI Health communities.

Available CHI Health Speakers

Cary Ward, MD, MBA, FACP

Chief Medical Officer, CHI Health
Dr. Ward is available to speak on quality and safety in healthcare, bundled payment care initiatives, patient physician satisfaction, history of medicine, health system physician relationships, medical staff governance, peer review and physician leadership.

Steven Leitch, MD, FHM

Chief Informatics Officer, CHI Health
As medical records moved from the filing cabinet to computer, Dr. Leitch can speak to becoming more efficient and streamlined in providing great patient care.

Steven Houston

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, CHI Health
Steve is available to speak on trends impacting the health care industry, market and consumer and is happy to share his perspective on the future of health care.  

Tina Ames

Division Vice President of Marketing
Needing help with actionable marketing plans including gathering data, setting goals, designing tactics and, most importantly, measuring results? Tina can teach you the key to creating a plan that is doable—not just something on paper.  Tina can also speak to her techniques creating time to get things done by controlling things that nibble at your day. 

Pete Festersen, MPA

Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs
Pete is available to speak on advocacy, federal and state legislative issues related to health care, community relations and partnerships, and community benefit efforts including violence prevention, behavioral health and social determinants of health.