State’s Only Advanced Laser Smooths Scars

A kitchen accident ended badly for University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Professor Ashraf Aly Hassan.

“I was cooking and the grease caught fire,” said Hassan, who was then living in New Jersey.

Second-degree burns scarred his right hand.

“I could type normally,” he said. “But the burn doctor in New Jersey told me I should see someone for the scarring.”

After Hassan moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, he was referred to the CHI Health St. Elizabeth Burn and Wound Center.

It’s home to the state’s only SCAAR FX™ advanced laser treatment for scars.

FDA cleared and considered the standard of care for treating soldiers injured in battle, the SCAAR FX laser goes four times deeper than other lasers to break down rigid fibers and trigger production of collagen and elastic fibers.

The laser’s microbeams penetrate the dermis in a grid pattern to leave unaffected areas between microscopic channels. This reduces healing time while dramatically improving a scar’s elasticity and appearance.

After one treatment, patients see significant progress in scar texture. Functional and cosmetic improvement occurs after three to five sessions, and continues up to two years later.

Hassan is seeing results after a few laser treatments on his four scars.

“One of them is going to be gone. The second one is half way. It’s a big work in progress,” he said.

Hassan is looking forward to being done with the compression glove he now wears daily.

“I can take off the glove and it won’t look that odd,” he said.