Letter from Oncology

Dear Colleagues,


This month we put cancer under the microscope. The National Institutes of Health project nearly 20 million people will be living with cancer by the year 2024. While our goal as family physicians is to prevent cancer, we do help in the diagnosis as well as guide our patients to the oncologists, studies and treatments that we believe will bring them hope and healing.

At CHI Health we not only treat the disease, we treat the patient – body, mind and spirit. We team up with oncologists who are among the very best. From Dr. Henry Lynch, the man who is known for his discovery of familial susceptibility to certain kinds of cancer, to experts in radiation therapy, interventional radiology, pathology, chemotherapy, stem-cell transplant, research and clinical trials, the oncologists that partner with CHI Health reach from southwest Iowa to central Nebraska.

This publication is indicative of our commitment to you, as well as to your patients and community, to become more transparent and accountable as we work to lower cost, improve quality and make the care you offer to your patients more affordable. While industry talk is about bundles and changing reimbursement, our focus will always stay on the patients and helping them through some of the scariest, saddest and occasionally the most joyful moments of their lives.



Cliff Robertson, MD

Chief Executive Officer

CHI Health