On Research

Dear Colleagues,

Physicians know medicine doesn’t move forward on its own. It’s prodded into the future when investigators ask interesting and even unusual questions – in clinics, at bedsides and in laboratories.

Scientific leaps that once seemed inconceivable become possible through incremental – and often unheralded – advances. Take the persistent unraveling of the mysteries of DNA. The knowledge gained is now being used right here at CHI Health to target cancer treatment to a tumor’s individual characteristics via the emerging field of theranostics.

This edition of microscope shines a spotlight on the research being conducted within CHI Health. There’s much to illuminate. Clinical studies are ongoing in every corner of our organization with 382 active studies at the end of 2017. There is a balance of federally funded, industry sponsored and investigator-initiated/unfunded trials that are ongoing.

To elevate these efforts, CHI Health, in partnership with Creighton University, is launching CURE – the CHI Health Creighton University Research Exchange. Its unique infrastructure and single point of access will help clinical investigators explore research while exposing students to investigative modalities – and ultimately ensure patients have access to life-saving clinical trials. The energy around research at CHI Health is palpable, and we’ve only scratched the surface within these pages. But it’s real progress that starts – often – with curiosity and a question. Enjoy.


Michael White, MD
Chief Academic Officer
CHI Health