Under the Microscope: Research Edition

Dear Colleagues,

Research is science fueled by faith – the faith that we can find better treatments, medications and ways of looking at a problem in order to see a solution. Faith that we can someday change how we treat dementia or revolutionize how we use invasive procedures. Our researchers’ curiosity is matched by our patients who bravely trust their lives to the possibilities of what is not yet standard of care. Together they are the medical risk takers upon which the future of clinic medicine is based.

CHI Health is proud to be an academic health system that believes in clinical research. We are home to CURE, CHI Health Creighton University Research Exchange, where clinical trials and research are enriched by faculty, students and staff whose goal is to make life better for the patients we are privileged to serve today as well as the patients of the future. The sole purpose of CURE is to support clinical research conducted within CHI Health. Its value is priceless for the patients and families who benefit from curiosity and intelligence; for the physicians, students and residents who have the freedom ask “why;” and for our communities who know we won’t stop until we find an answer. That’s the beauty of research – and as a physician, I am inspired by the tenacity, courage and outcomes we’ve seen from research right here at CHI Health.

Our mission calls us to build healthier communities and our researchers are committed to doing just that – petri dish by petri dish, patient by patient, and question by question – knowing that in the end a patient will be cured, healed or helped. That’s what fuels research at CHI Health and why we are proud to be part of the cure.


Cliff Robertson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
CHI Health