Traveling 90,000 Miles to Learn

Whether they traveled 90 miles or 90,000 miles, OB simulation users are happy to have another way to learn. Medical teams have come from as far away as Africa to practice their skills on the simulator. Locally, the newborn and modified versions of the simulator have traveled to hospitals in Missouri Valley and Corning, Iowa, with a trip to Pawnee City, Nebraska, coming up. The reaction?

“Very positive,” said Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachelle Heser, MSN, APRN, RNCOB, C-EFM. “They are coming to expect this as another means of learning and validation of their knowledge, skills and competence.”

Those who are initially skeptical “see the benefit and after a scenario, they feel it was worth it,” she added. “And some are a little intimidated with the mannequins and the concept. However, they do adjust with increased exposure.”