Letter to the Nursing Team

Dear Colleagues,

Caring for one is love. Caring for many — one at a time? That’s nursing. And that’s the richness of this calling. You touch innumerable lives with equal parts expertise and compassion — and end up with indelible marks on your own heart.

Nurses know it’s the “little things.” Seemingly routine actions you take every day have tremendous impact. That single teaching moment can save a patient’s life, preserve a family or impact an entire community. The few minutes spent holding a patient’s hands and hearing his or her concerns can ease a journey toward healing. And that quiet instance when you ask: “Isn’t there a better way?” It can become a nursing research study that changes a national standard of care or a system-wide change that improves how we care for patients or even each other at CHI Health.

Every day at CHI Health, nurses are busy being indispensable — and exceptional. Look no further than our nationally recognized bundle programs. It’s our nurse navigators who guide patients through protocols which, without their proficiency, could result in costly complication rather than efficient cure.

This microscope is an opportunity to pause and recognize the astounding work you, our nurses, do on a daily basis. It’s also a chance to show the support in place on a systemwide level for you, our colleagues, because you and your teammates make this journey of healing and faith possible.


Kathy Bressler, RN, MN
Chief Operating Officer
CHI Health