Nurses Unite For 2020 Strategic Plan

A revolution in health care is upon us. For the first time ever, market forces are coming together to shape an environment that rewards health care providers and organizations for going beyond delivering services — to improving health. It calls us to strengthen ourselves as a system, reinvent the way we do things, introduce innovative programs and relentlessly focus on those we are blessed to serve.

In anticipation of this change, CHI Health nursing professionals of every role and level came together to develop one Nursing Strategic Plan through 2020, including a Nursing Professional Practice Model and Nursing Philosophy. The plan brings to life the CHI Health mission.

“This experience was new and powerful. I saw my organization and the future of health care differently. And left that day feeling empowered knowing that our collaborative efforts made a difference,”said Leah Harrington, RN, Burn and Wound Center, CHI Health St. Elizabeth.

“We are dedicated to being creative and visionary leaders in clinical care, education and research in order to achieve these objectives,” added Brooke Schmitt, MSN, RN, Medical/Surgical Unit, CHI Health St. Francis. “They are a priority for our nursing staff to ensure we provide the highest quality of care and are the employer of choice.”



Working Out the Details

Springboarding off the Nursing Strategic Plan’s successful collaboration, several work-out sessions have taken place and others are planned with frontline nurses from across our system leading the charge.

Standardized Start Time

One common start time across the system for patient care workforce allows greater staffing flexibility. Nurses now have the ability to float, if necessary, between facilities.

“We had differing start times at our hospital and behavioral health facility 20 blocks away,” said Kim Bonner, BSN, MSN, vice president of Patient Care Services at CHI Health Good Samaritan.

“I was very proud and impressed with the representation, collaboration and willingness to compromise that our nurses brought to this challenge.”

Outcome of recent work-out session:

  • Adopting a 6:30 a.m. start time for nurses throughout CHI Health.

Hourly Rounding

Proactively rounding on patients every hour, rather than being reactive, allows nurses to take better control of their day while increasing safety and satisfaction for both patients and staff.

Outcomes of recent work-out session:

  • Developing work flow for nurses to perform hourly rounding.
  • Creating specific scripting and keywords to use when rounding.
  • Designing the implementation plan for rollout to nurses and staff.

New Patient Care Model: Team Nursing

Current research has shown that team nursing results in less stress on nurses, improved satisfaction and retention, and better patient outcomes.

“While primary care nursing has provided consistent, high quality bedside care to our patients, this model is becoming more and more challenging,” said Kathy Bressler, RN, MN, chief operating officer. “We have fewer nurses, our patients are becoming more complex and we are getting dramatically less reimbursement with projections of continued decreases. We also know from the data that a care team model can improve patient experience and staff engagement.”

Outcomes of recent work-out session:

  • Creating a sustainable nursing model that will improve patient experience, nursing engagement and quality.
  • Creating, implementing and delivering individualized care plans where each team member has the ability to work to the top of their license with the reassurance they have two other team members to help.