Under the Microscope: Nursing Edition

Dear Friend,

It’s been said that God gathered the strongest people in the world…and made them nurses! That’s been my experience as a family physician, a chief operating officer and now a chief executive officer. Nurses, by their nature, are problem solvers. At CHI Health we use those skills to tackle big issues like standardizing start times and choosing new technology to make their jobs easier.

Whether they work in a hospital or in a clinic, nurses make physicians and patients better. At CHI Health, our nurses reach out to patients in new and different ways. From knocking on their door at home to following up by phone, nurses help navigate our patients through this complex health care world we live in.

When nurses speak, people listen; and when people speak — it’s the nurse who listens. They are the ones who wash the eyes of new babies as they open and gently close the eyes of the dying. They are the heart of health care, and we, at CHI Health, are blessed to have amazing, faith-filled nurses who answered their calling to do God’s work right here in Nebraska and southwest Iowa.


Cliff Robertson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
CHI Health