Under the Microscope

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to microscope, CHI Health’s physician-focused publication providing information to help navigate your patients through illness and disease. Each issue of microscope will focus on a specialty and the physician teams doing phenomenal work in these areas.

This month we put our cardiovascular service line under the microscope. Our first objective as physicians is to prevent cardiac events, which is the work our lipid clinic is focused on. We are on the leading edge of many cardiovascular innovations that can be life-changing for patients.

  • Our physicians were first in the region to introduce radial heart procedures, where heart catheterizations are accomplished through the radial artery rather than the groin. Not only are the outcomes excellent, but the procedure is easier on the patient and the recovery is much more comfortable.
  • Our physicians were first in the region to bring code chill to the market. By lowering a patient’s body temperature, we buy the heart time to heal so it can better tolerate treatment.
  • Patients whose arteries are 100 percent blocked are no longer resigned to open-heart surgery thanks to the chronic total occlusion (CTO) procedure and the specialists who skillfully break through the blockage like never before.
  • Our work with clinical trials brings the latest treatments to patients who need breakthroughs now.

As a primary care doctor myself, I recognize that your reputation as a physician is tied to the performance of the specialists and hospitals that you choose for your patients.

This publication is indicative of our commitment to you. We strive to provide you with the right information to make an informed choice, which requires objective evidence, not slick marketing.

I hope you find this publication valuable. I invite you to share it.

Cliff Robertson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
CHI Health