RICE: A Self-Care Staple

Sprains and strains are inevitable for athletes. The remedy is RICE:


“The injured area needs some time to recover before activity is resumed,” said Jacquilyn Brazda, CHI Health certified athletic trainer.

Once swelling has gone away, stretching and strengthening exercises should be implemented to gain range of motion.

“A mistake athletes may make is immobilizing the area for too long. Waiting too long will delay the rehab process, make the injured area stiff, and may cost them range of motion,” Brazda said.

“Another mistake teen athletes make is getting back into practice too early without properly rehabilitating the area to its maximum potential, or not taking proper precautions to avoid a re-injury, such as taping or bracing.”

Signs a strain or sprain needs medical attention:

  • Complete tear (i.e. ACL tear, biceps tear, Achilles rupture)
  • Excessive bruising, swelling or extreme pain that has not shown signs of improvement
  • Loss of sensation or motion in or around the affected area