Less Pain, Faster Recovery Time: Anterior hip replacement


Rotator-cuff tears are pretty common, but when the common fix won’t work, patients turn to Matt Dilisio, MD, and the CHI Health Orthopedics team who take pride in tackling the tough cases.

“One of our specialties is the patient with an irreparable rotator-cuff tear or patients who have had prior surgery that has failed,” Dr. Dilisio said.

“We enjoy taking on the most complex cases in the region.”

Dr. Dilisio specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery.

When the tendon is torn, Dr. Dilisio can typically fix it. But occasionally, when the tear is too large or too chronic, he takes alternate approaches.

That might include additional reconstructive procedures such as grafting the rotator cuff with cadaver tissue. It could also mean a shoulder replacement.

“We will take someone who is in significant pain or severely weak — they cannot lift their arm over their head — and we’ll eliminate their pain, restore their strength and give them the ability to put things on the top shelf,” Dr. Dilisio said. “My job is to get people back to doing all the things they want to do in life. We don’t stop working until we can achieve that goal and we’re generally very successful at it.”

Dr. Dilisio’s patients range from the high school athlete to weekend warriors to 60-year-olds wanting to play tennis again or just get back to living a normal, pain-free life. The most common injury he treats is rotator-cuff tears, which are either traumatic or degenerative. More than 50 percent of them can be treated with either an injection or therapy.

Matthew F. Dilisio, MD

Orthopedic Surgery,
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