Lights, Sirens, Lifesavers

You’re having heart attack symptoms. Quick, how do you get to the hospital?

  1. Call 911
  2. Find a ride
  3. Drive yourself

Half of all sudden cardiac deaths occur outside the hospital, so choosing “A” might save your life. But as many as 70 percent of heart attack sufferers find a ride or drive themselves.

An ambulance gets you there quicker and paramedics can:

  • Deliver oxygen, aspirin and nitroglycerin
  • Start EKG monitoring and transmit data to the hospital
  • Perform CPR and defibrillation, if needed

“Calling 911 will get you to the hospital faster and safer, and decrease the time it takes to unblock your clogged artery and reduce heart damage when you get there,” said Jeffrey Carstens, MD, CHI Health cardiologist.