Positive Parenting Checklist

Parenting teenagers doesn’t come with a manual. These hands-on tips from the Centers for Disease Control can to help.

  • Talk with teens about concerns and pay attention to behavior changes. Ask about suicidal thoughts; asking will not cause teens to have these thoughts, but it will show you care. Seek professional help if necessary.
  • Show interest in school and extracurricular interests and activities; encourage involvement in activities.
  • Encourage teens to volunteer and become involved in their community.
  • Compliment your teen and celebrate efforts and accomplishments.
  • Show affection; spend time together doing things you enjoy.
  • Respect your teen’s opinion. Listen without playing down concerns.
  • Help your teen to problem solve and make good decisions. Be available for advice and support.
  • Encourage good decisions about social media.
  • If your teen works, talk about expectations, responsibilities and behaving respectfully.
  • Help teens plan ahead for difficult/uncomfortable situations (what to do if someone is using drugs, under pressure to have sex or offered a ride by someone who has been drinking).
  • Respect your teen’s need for privacy.
  • Encourage healthy sleep, exercise and eating habits.