Four Reasons Helicopter Parenting Hurts Children

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As tempting as it is to help a child succeed, parents who hover – or are overly involved in their child’s life – can do more harm than good. Kids with helicopter parents end up:

Unable to problem solve/tackle basic life skills

Parents who tidy up situations for children or handle their chores leave kids without deductive reasoning. That, in turn, stunts a child’s ability to problem solve life situations like asking for directions to figuring out how to use a washing machine.


Children whose parents make everything happen – from getting in the desired class to making the best sports team – are used to getting their way. This creates a sense of entitlement without having to do the work.

More anxious

When parents solve their kids’ problems, children don’t develop skills needed to handle minor problems. This can lead to high stress levels and anxiety when encountering any adversity.

Suffering from lower self esteem

Parents who inject themselves into children’s lives leave kids questioning their own ability to accomplish tasks independently.