Don't be Fooled, Your Life is Just as Great


Approximately 90 percent of teens worldwide use social media. Always on, always available, connecting, supporting, inspiring, and yes, comparing. Researchers find that the more time teens spend on social media, the more depressed they become as they compare their lives to others. Don’t let social media breed self-hate and feed insecurities.

Realize that social media is the highlight reel. We only post the top 1 percent of our day, not the average 99 percent. Everyone has bad hair days.

Remember there’s plenty of happiness, beauty and success to go around. Just because someone is having a great life doesn’t mean yours isn’t just as great. The world isn’t going to run out of awesome.

Be proactive instead of reactive. When you start negatively comparing yourself to others, you’re only reacting to the situation. Instead of feeling down, do something! Set a goal and achieve it.

Recognize that likes do not equal love. Research shows that getting “likes” triggers the same pleasure as taking drugs. Just as you’d say “no” to drugs, do not hand over your self-worth to anyone with a smartphone.