Dear Parents, Dear Teenagers

Girl with Counselor

Dear Parents,

Do you ever wonder why they never told you what it would be like raising a teenager when they placed that bundle of joy in your arms 15 years ago? That’s because you might have run out of the delivery room kicking and screaming. Raising kids is hard work … being a kid is even harder. Social media, peer pressure, the pressure to be perfect, the pressure to fit in – that’s just some of the noise that gets in the way of growing up.

At CHI Health, we know feeding your mind is just as important as feeding your body – a good night’s sleep, limits on caffeine and boundaries with toxic friends and outside temptations can help clear the clutter.

Better You Healthy Minds is our commitment to you and your family. Inside this publication you will find tips from mental health experts to help you understand what makes your child tick and some warning signs that shouldn’t be overlooked. Our hope is that this publication will make it easier for you and your teenager to get through some of life’s challenges together.

Dear Teenagers,

Does it seem like nobody gets you? Like everyone is picking on you, telling you what to do, how to act, or just disappointed in you? Grownups don’t always get it. We try, but let’s face it – we’re old and look at the world through eyes that didn’t have to deal with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat when we were growing up.

At CHI Health, we know it’s much harder being a teenager these days. The friends you’ve counted on since grade school aren’t always there for you anymore. Drugs, alcohol and risky behavior seem to be everywhere. And life’s special moments can turn into big worries when put under the microscope of social media.

Better You Healthy Minds is our commitment to you to help you get through the next couple of years. We all feel sad, lost, even angry sometimes. And yes, we all make mistakes. Our hope is that this publication will help you get through some of the rough spots, give you somewhere to turn and let you see you’re not alone.